A course about transpersonal psychology, Bach flower remedies and human soul. The focus of this module is abundance, self-esteem and self-realisation which provide satisfaction with life and work success.


You will find out how to experience more abundance and happiness through your activities in your life, how to improve your relationship with money, reach amazing self-esteem and enjoy satisfying self-realization both in personal development and at work. You will learn how to identify and understand fears, phobias, addictions and other sufferings of the human souls and gain the skills, knowledge and tools to let them go. Low self-esteem and fears stop us from using our full potential and living a full-fledged and happy life. Our relationship with money, creativity and work success are in direct correlation with obstacles set by our fears, low self-esteem and self-ignorance.


In this workshop you will learn to identify the deep subconscious motives linked to the above topics and the true reality behind them, so that abundance, creativity and self-esteem can grow in yourself and others and you can reach self-fullfillment.

Knowledge of the archetypes of persona and character, the aspects of career and self-esteem and the factors that block them, together with the patterns of soul and karma open a new door to the world of healing and abundance.


This unique 3-day workshop is a journey into the secret oral teachings of both eastern and western traditions, regarding transpersonal psychology, healing, Spirit and the very fabric of reality.

The “Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness” course program is about perception of reality as it really is and not as we believe it to be. This is a trip to consciousness and awareness, transpersonal psychology, ancient magic and healing put into an aligned perspective. Within it transpersonal psychology, Taoist and Buddhist mystic and magical thinking meet to benefit all sentient beings.

Hidden realities of healing, the secret laws of universe and reiki will be presented and analyzed during this workshop. Gain a whole new way of understanding the reality of a disease, looking at it from a psychological and interdimensional point of view. This workshop will explain the basics of psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology and its understandings. Discover the secrets of interdimensional medicine, entropic suffering and the compassionate approach. Receive a Ritual of initiation into the Esoteric Tradition with an empowerment into intuitive healing, following its core ancient procedure together with advanced reiki attunement.*