Soul Lessons, Karmic Patterns and Bach Flower Remedies Education is an in-depth educational program on transpersonal psychology, Bach flower remedies and the working of the human soul. This education enables therapists to recognize and connect people’s life situations with their unresolved soul  lessons and karmic patterns while providing them with practical information and tools to solve them. Discover the beauty of natural treatment by Bach remedies and Soul coaching in a deep and throughout manner in line with transpersonal Psychology, neuroscience and Psychoneuroendocrinology. The majority of people are either unaware or deeply afraid to face the real issues behind their life suffering and focus on the symptoms rather than the causes of it. This educational program provides a unique system of archetypical recognition for fast assessment and treatment of people’s real suffering in order to have a real major healing impact on their symptoms.


The “Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness” course program is about perception of reality as it really is and not as we believe it to be. This is a trip to consciousness and awareness, transpersonal psychology, ancient magic and healing put into an aligned perspective. Within it transpersonal psychology, Taoist and Buddhist mystic and magical thinking meet to benefit all sentient beings.

Hidden realities of healing, the secret laws of universe and Reiki will be presented and analyzed. Gain a whole new way of understanding the reality of a disease, looking at it from a psychological and interdimensional point of view. This workshop will explain the basics of psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology and its understandings. Discover the secrets of interdimensional medicine, entropic suffering and the compassionate approach. Receive a Ritual of initiation into the Esoteric Tradition with an empowerment into intuitive healing, following its core ancient procedure together with advanced unique Reiki attunement, which  is the result of bringing together the western esoteric traditions and the Japanese ancient Mikio eastern tradition within the main 8 lineages of Reiki. So, whether you are an experienced healer, shamanic practitioner, Reiki healer/master or somebody with no experience in healing, you will find this empowerment a deep personal experience and a powerful healing tool. This empowerment and education is a result of a life dedicated to healing and the ancient traditions.