Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness. Module 3A.

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Gaia School and via Zoom , Tallin

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About The Event

This is part of the Intuition, Compassion and Consciousness program.

This module is only available to students who have completed module 2B of the ‘Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness’ course. This unique workshop aims to facilitate growing of consciousness both as an individual and as a therapist. Students will learn how to help set free those who have passed to the other side but have been unable to find their way as well as the practice of compassionate act to give merit to all sentient beings across time and space continuum. Students will also learn how to give a short but powerful mini session, when there is need but physical time is limited. During the workshop there will be healing practices as well as meditation to help you become more aligned. Discover more in depth usage and understanding of sacred symbols to help you gain more awareness, learn to become the master of your ‘self’. A unique empowerment will be carried out at the beginning of the workshop.

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