Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness. Module 3B.

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Gaia School and via Zoom , Tallin


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About The Event

This workshop is part of the Intuition, Compassion and Consciousness educational program.

This module is only available to students who have completed module 3A of ‘Intuition, Compassion & Consciousness’ program. After almost completing the education, students will have grown in their self development and as a practitioner of intuitive Reiki and sacred magic, in this final module of the program, students will learn how to pass on their knowledge to other people, connect their students to the right frequency and initiate them into this tradition as well help guide others on their paths of esoteric traditions, intuitive Reiki and sacred magic. An empowerment as well as initiation practice will be carried out during the workshop. Students will also receive the Reiki mastership.

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