Soul Lessons. Love, Sexuality & Family Relationships Module A

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Gaia School , Tallin, Zoom


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SOUL LESSONS, KARMIC PATTERNS AND BACH FLOWER REMEDIES EDUCATION is an in-depth and comprehensive educational program on transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, psychoneuroendocrinology, Bach flower remedies, ancient traditions as well as the working of the human soul.
The Bach flower remedies system was founded by Dr. Edward Bach who was an English doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath. Dr. Bach spent his life searching for ways to ease people’s suffering and discovered flower essences that help restore the balance to our emotions and psyche which are the source of other diseases. There are 38 flowers in this system and each corresponds to different aspects of our personality, characteristic traits and emotional states.* (More about Dr. Edward Bach you can read, for example, from here:
Inspired by Dr. Bach’s work and trained by teachers from the Bach Centre (, José Figueroa Garcia went on to develop an innovative, unique archetype recognition system in order to help students and therapists identify the archetypes. Years of practice and teaching result in this comprehensive program, which enables therapists to recognize and connect people’s life situations with their unresolved soul lessons and karmic patterns while providing them with practical information and tools to solve them.
Discover the beauty of natural treatment by Bach remedies and Soul coaching in a deep and throughout manner in line with transpersonal psychology, neuroscience and psychoneuroendocrinology. The majority of people are either unaware or deeply afraid to face the real issues behind their life suffering and focus on the symptoms rather than the causes of it. This educational program provides a unique system of archetypical recognition for fast assessment and treatment of people’s real suffering in order to have a real major healing impact on their symptoms.
The course program is divided into three modules:
1. Love, sexuality and family relationships (module A and B)
2. Abundance, self-esteem, personal and professional self-realisation, fears, phobias and addictions (module A and B)
3. Chronic illnesses (module A)
In these modules participants will learn a complete new and effective way to recognize and treat people’s every day issues and problems behind stress, fears, phobias, addictions, depression, sexual issues, grief and separation , sleep disorders, chronic pain and disease.
You can start the course either with the module of Love, sexuality and family relationships or Abundance, self-esteem and fears module. After completing 2 parts of both modules, you can then proceed to Chronic illnesses module. You are welcome to complete all “Soul Lessons” course modules, it is especially highly recommended for therapists and those training to become therapists.
During this course the archetypal relationships in the family, in the romantic couple and in sexuality, as well as of course in the general system of Doctor Bach, will be explored in depth.
The workshop is a unique tool for:
– Understanding and realizing floral archetypes in depth in people and their vital situations.
– How to pass page in the relationships of pair, to discover and to avoid the repetition of emotional patterns in the affective relations, surpassing them and becoming aware of them.
– Understand toxic family patterns and work them out thoroughly.
– Discover how to prepare both oral and cream Bach Flowers to unlock and enhance female orgasm and male sexual potency.
– You will learn to efficiently unlock deep sexual archetypes that prevent people from allowing themselves to enjoy their body and their relationships.
TIME: 24.09.2021 at 19.00 — 22.00
25.09.2021 at 10.00 — 19.00
26.09.2021 at 10.00 — 19.00
VENUE: Gaia School, A. Weizenbergi 20/1, Tallinn and via Zoom
INFORMATION AND SIGNING UP via email: or by phone: +372 5656 4707

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