There is a Pandemic going around… People are afraid, they are afraid of a virus that carries a CROWN, that’s what corona means, Crown. The last pandemic was the spanish influenza, now it carries a spanish name too. Fear of a virus, fear of your loved ones getting infected, of you getting infected, of falling ill and dying, fear of disruption and fear of becoming a carrier, a focus of the infection…

There is a pandemic of FEAR. Fear collapses the immune system, fear makes us vulnerable to making wrong decisions and doing what we shouldn’t, fear takes our personal power away, fear is about being disempowered. And becoming selfish and egoist while allowing others to direct us and take what’s ours: money, security, self esteem, have fear and you loose, there is a pandemic going around….

More on fear and how to deal with it – Live Stream on Jose D Figueroa Instagram

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