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This unique 4 days workshop is a journey into the secret oral teachings of both eastern and western traditions, regarding healing, Spirit and the very fabric of reality.

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ICC 2B. Dissolving Space and Time.

In this workshop you will receive empowering transmission, learn more of oral esoteric traditions of both the East and the West. And after going in depth with the nature of space time continuum, you will also learn how to project yourself across time and space for compassionate intervention. Discover how to perform long distance healing using a variety of methods, unique only to this workshop. More Reiki symbols will be explained in details in order for you to understand their secret history and nature and how to use them either in hands-on healing sessions or combined with different methods in long-distance healing. Learn to work on situations, people and spaces how to harmonize situations and spaces (houses, offices, etc.), how to cleanse energy properly and safely. Become a compassionate practitioner of sacred magic.



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